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QR Code Generator

QR code Generator

Create QR Codes for Free

Generate QR Codes For Free

Use our QR code generator to create your own unique design. Choose the style, colors and even add a logo! QR codes have become popular since they add an interactive component to the item they are placed on. The most common uses are to link to a website, video or voice recording. For example, teachers can add a QR code to certificates to add a special touch for their students. Coaches can add codes to awards, linking to a team photo. The possibilities are endless!

Even Add QR Codes To An Engraving Plate

Now you can have a QR code engraved on an engraving plate or tag. Imagine a child scanning the code on their trophy and hearing a grandparent's voice congratulating them on a great season. How about adding one to your favorite frame & vacation photo? Scan the code and hear yourself describing how you were feeling on your trip. Or how about asking a teacher to record their voice for your child's yearbook?

How to Use Our QR code Maker

It's easy. Simply start with the first drop-down to select the URL you want the code to link to. Codes can link to any website or URL. Next, select your colors and so on. At any point, click on the Preview Button to see your design.

Once your QR code is created, it can be downloaded, printed and then scanned with a QR code app using your mobile phone's camera. Position the camera so the code is centered. Then, like magic, the link you embedded when creating the code will be executed.

Types of QR codes

We offer two types of QR codes: PNG and SVG. Both types can be easily downloaded. The PNG format is most common for printing. If you want to engrave a QR code tag though, you need the special SVG (vector) format. Before downloading either type, be sure to adjust the size to your needs using the size slider.

Customer Service Assurance
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